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Botnostic Solutions provides Artificial Intelligence, Business Analytics, and Chatbot solutions for businesses and corporates looking to grow their business. This includes AI-powered Recruitment Services, as well as Talent Management solutions amongst others.

Products & Services
Recruitment Bot

analyticsSubPicDesigned by career advisors and industry professionals, our recruitment bot interactively assesses the disposition of a candidate towards the career field they aim to pursue. His score determines how well the candidates are suited towards a career -a perfect indicator for recruiters to shortlist who to interview during the recruitment process. Better yet, you can further


Career Advisory Service

careerSubPic2My Career Dreams is an Online Career Counselling Service powered by Artificial Intelligence. This web service is aimed at revolutionizing how students make their decision regarding what career streams to choose.My Career Dreams is a result of valuable advice offered by highly qualified career counselors and input from psychologists used together by very experienced data scientists.


Career Progression Service

analyticsSubPicCareer Progression Service is a one-stop solution to multiple hiring problems, starting all the way from high turnover rates to lack of motivation, tension within the work environment and mismatched candidates. Our Bot uses AI to assess employees’ potential for various functional areas, and subsequently aligns their skill development and career progression accordingly, and


ChatBot Development

chatbotSubPicBotnostic Solutions delivers services through the use of Artificial Intelligence enabled Chatbots. We take the traditional linear conversational flow to the next level and help build interactive, user centric experiences. We design & develop conventional AI first User Experiences (CUX) for our clients.Our bots, customized to your exact needs, offer analytics to help understand


Business Intelligence &
Analytics Solution

businessSubPicBotnostic Solutions offers solutions that enable businesses to make complex, data driven decisions using Business Intelligence Tools. Insights into large volumes of data play a pivotal role in today’s dynamically changing world and so, having the right solutions customized to offer analytics as per an organization’s need is a growing need.Where


Analytics as a Service

analyticsSubPicWe offer business analytics to organizations looking to expand and grow their customer base. Using our cutting edge technologies, we dive deep into your data to extract value that your business needs to gain a competitive advantage in the market. These analytics can be drawn using