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Augmenting Artificial Intelligence for Business Solutions

Our goal is to provide our consumers with the right AI powered solution for their complications. The services we provide, using artificial intelligence, are able to offer unique solutions to career and corporate based issues. Our Recruitment services are used by our corporate partners as a way to aid them in hiring the best possible candidates with the help of AI, as well as manage their own employees in the most efficient manner possible.
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My Career Dreams

My Career Dreams is a result of valuable advice offered by highly qualified career counsellors and input from psychologists used together by experienced data scientists. Augmented with AI, this smart chatbot serves as a personalised and interactive career advisor for your student, able to understand their unique aptitudes and providing a unique report of career paths best suited for each student.

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"Career decisions at the end of high school are pivotal unfortunately, individual decisions are often made without much guidance. Civilizations is therefore excited to work with Botnostic Solutions, who are building their platform on powerful and proven analytical frameworks and techniques."

- Director, Civilization Public School


"AI powered portals will ensure enhanced productivity in workplaces if individuals are educated and subsequently work in the field which resonates with their intellect, aptitude and skill set."

- Federal Minister for IT and Telecommunication Syed Amin Ul Haque


"Botnostic Solutions will help us guide and groom our students and will help open up employment opportunities for our students in the local market as well as in the Middle east. It will help us identify and pick out the best candidates for different vocations"

- Mr. Aslam Khaliq, CEO of The Hunar Foundation (THF)


"We are thrilled to have partnered with Botnostic Solutions for the Intake to Employment Program. This collaboration has proven to be a pivotal step in guiding our students toward their ideal field of study, ensuring a seamless transition into the professional world. The programs tailored approach and expert guidance have had a profound impact on our students career trajectories. The hands-on test and expert guidance were invaluable. The program equipped the students with the skills and confidence they need to ace interviews and excel in their chosen field."

- Arooba Gillani, Head of Placements & Global Engagements


"We found that RecruitmentBot allows for objectively and transparently assessing applicants for specific job roles, which makes a recruiter’s job quite easy and makes the recruitment process efficient and objective. It is also very easy and convenient to use as the recruiters were able to access the tool from anywhere, any place, and at any time. A tool of this nature demands a concerted effort, and we appreciate the dedication demonstrated by the Botnostic team. Their receptiveness to our feedback speaks volumes about their commitment to delivering a solution that exceeds expectations."

- Director – Recruitment, Marketing and Branding, ibex.pk


"Botnostics Solutions' Recruitmentbot services have proven invaluable in optimizing our recruitment process. With their AI-driven software, we efficiently assess employees for diverse roles, ensuring a perfect alignment with their skills. This streamlined approach provides a customized solution that precisely meets our recruitment needs. Thanks to Botnostics, our workforce placement is optimized, leading to enhanced overall organizational productivity."

- Mr. Saad Idrees, Co-founder and CEO of dafterkhwan.

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